About CenturyX.io

CenturyX, also dubbed the 21st Century Exchange, seeks to successfully combine technological reliability, transparency and highly secured trading platform for cryptocurrency users/traders. It’s in our interest to provide credible and high-quality services for users in order to enhance their trading experience.

With the use of advanced features and robust tools CenturyX seeks to provide a more user friendly platform with the lowest trading fees available on the internet. CenturyX is concerned not only about providing a better and disruptive exchange platform but also to increase the outreach of the user base in Cryptocurrency and to extend a helping hand to less privileged communities.

We believe in Cryptocurrency and we believe this is currently the best tool so far in decades now that can help social intervention programs..

Transparency and highly secured trading platform

Provide credible and high-quality service for users

Provide a more user friendly trading platform

Increase the outreach of the user base in Cryptocurrency

50% Fee Discount

In addition to the lowest trading fees, our CenturyX (XXI) token holders with yet to be defined number amount of XXI in their wallet on our platform will also qualify for a 50% discount on all our fees. The number of tokens will be increased or reduced depending on the circulating supply and price. This model will boost active trading to provide liquidity and liquid markets will create demand for the XXI token from traders.

CenturyX Vault (CV)

 CV is a program designed to reward users of CenturyX, based on their personal trading statistics, in order to use CenturyX and pay reduced trading fees (50% discount), traders would have to purchase XXI tokens. The Vault is accumulated up from exchange fees from all traders and is then distributed back to the community based on the usage of the platform.

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Our method and vision

Multilingual Support

We will support English language at the initial stage and add Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese and Korean on all of our user interfaces. More languages will be added over time.

Be Safe and Secure

We will be using Swiss cold storage to safeguard our clients funds, we seek to put in place very strict rules and guidelines to provide traders with confidence and trust in our services.

Auto Swapping System

Auto Swapping AI will be integrated into our cryptocurrency trading platforms. In the span of milliseconds, the AI makes bids and asks on the trading platform, then convert it directly into your provided wallet address.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our goal is to become the most used cryptocurrency exchange platform in this 21st Century (hence the name CenturyX) for the masses by fully utilizing the Blockchain technology, delivering propositions for new users of unparalleled value and offering strong and appreciable support for our investors.

Ultimately, we wish to drive the creation of a new financial ecosystem grounded with the interactions between assets and Blockchain technology.

To Become a Game-Changer

Providing a platform as such with the lowest fees, a 50% discount on our platform to the holders of our native token  and CenturyX Vault are the reasons for the invention of 21st Century Exchange.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Friendly user Interface
Multiple Payment Gateway
Built with the novice in mind


Download the bluepaper and learn about Centuryx, the unique trading platform.

Blue Paper (PDF)
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Privacy & Policy
Terms of Sales (PDF)


Century Exchange Platform!

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Core Team Members

Raul Simici
CEO & Founder

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advocate and Educator. He has over 5 years project design, user experience and trading.

Francis Owusu-Mensah
CFO & Co-founder

Has high level of Expertise in dealing with Forex Trading management, crypto investment portfolio for various high net worth investors.

Devi Prasad
CPO & Co-founder

Has 15 years of experience in management consulting. Worked for NAB and Optus as a management consultant and provided comprehensive consultancy for strategy, operations and risk control.

Samuel Boateng
CMO & Co-founder

An experienced marketing professional who has overseen and developed marketing campaigns, top level market analysis.

Luka Pavlovic

Serial entrepreneur with vast knowledge of blockchain, eco-tech and AI.

Valentin Talmaciu
Director of Operations

Team Manager with 5 years’ experience in public and business management. Focused on crypto, blockchain technology and tourism, experienced in resorts and hotel management.


Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

CenturyX is a trading platform just like most of the centralized exchanges out there but with some unique features and vision.

The only accepted currency is Ethereum (ETH)

Use the whitelist to secure your position.

Just like any other investment, there are risks and we can't give assurances but we intend to work towards and achieving our main vision to make CenturyX the head in terms of exchanges in the 21st Century and hopefully users can be happy just as we will be.

XXI is an ERC-20 compatible token, it can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible wallet where you have control of the private keys.

NO, XXI is a utility token and derives most use cases from our exchange; CenturyX.

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