Updates on Pre-Sale and Bounty

Dear Centurions, in our desire to make this project standout, we are working on a lot of things and having a lot of consultations. There’s therefore the need to reschedule our Pre-Sale which was supposed to begin on the 4th of February, 2019 for further notice,.

On Monday, 4th of February, 2019 we will be accepting requests from Private Investors and Partners. Any individual with any private deals or requests can send us an email for special offers. We have a special offer for all Private investors and it’s different from that of our Pre-Sale and Crowdsale. Our doors are open and we welcome everyone who is ready to join us push this project to the top.

Private Investors and Partners can reach out to us at [email protected]

On the 29th of January, 2019 at exactly 10PM UTC, our CenturyX Empower bounty came to an end and the signup link has been revoked. Per the rules on the bounty page and the answers we have always provided in our chats, tokens will be rewarded to the top 2,000 on the list after a strict sorting out process to take out duplicate accounts. We want to make sure that users who legitimately earned their position among the top 2,000 get rewarded. Distribution of tokens to the top 2,000 will be done after our token sale.

How will winners get notified?
After strict verification has been done, the top 2,000 will receive an email within a few days before the start of Pre-Sale.

When will the tokens be distributed?
Tokens will be distributed after our token sale to the exact address provided on the bounty form by the winners. Winners will be asked to verify their wallet addresses when distribution starts.

What is the reward?

As the rules indicated, the top 10 will receive 500 XXI tokens each and those who occupy the 11th to the 2,000th position will receive 100 XXI tokens each.
We are working very hard to make CenturyX a success. We are so determined and to us, failure and giving up are not options and they will never be. Join us as we give back to the community and the less-privileged in diverse ways.

Best Regards
CenturyX Team